The first step to buying a home is choosing the right Realtor®. The key to successfully buying a new home is to find a Realtor® you can trust. Our Mitchell Realty team is based on the pillars of trust, quality and integrity delivering the best possible service. Our knowledge of the Halifax area will be invaluable to you beyond just finding a home. We will give you a complete vision of your new home - from the demographics of your new neighbourhood, to the schools your children will attend, to the specifics of your local economy.

Your Mitchell Realty agent will:

Listen carefully to your needs and wants

Help you get pre-approved for a mortgage. Knowing what your budget is in advance will let you proceed quickly and smoothly with confidence when you do find that perfect home.

Find you a home at the best possible price. We will ask questions like - What is the true market value of the home you are interested in? Is it priced too high? Is it a deal you shouldn’t pass up? We help buyers make decisions like this every day and will make sure YOU get the best value for your money with as little hassle as possible

Prepare an Agreement of Purchase and Sale and help you understand your options. Negotiating with sellers can be stressful. We will aggressively negotiate so the final contract includes your best possible terms and conditions.

Give you full access to ALL real estate available on the market, even listings not yet on the MLS® system through Mitchell Realty’s Professional Sales Team.

Help you prepare for costs involved with buying a home. There are a few expenses related to purchasing a home that go beyond the sale price of the house. Ensure you budget for everything including:

  • WATER QUALITY AND WATER QUANTITY (FLOW) TESTS - Mortgage companies require that you obtain a water test for quality (free from bacteria, arsenic, uranium) if the property you are buying is on a well. A “flow” test will determine the amount of water the well is producing.
  • INSPECTION- It is strongly recommended you have a home inspection done. An inspector will help determine the status of the home and bring forth any necessary repairs that may need to be addressed.
  • LAND TRANSFER TAX - Tax rates vary in different municipalities, however in Halifax Regional Municipality there is a Deed Transfer Tax of 1.5% of the purchase price. If you purchase a home for $100,000 expect to pay $1,500 . If the home is $200,000, expect to pay $3,000, etc.
  • LEGAL FEES AND DISBURSEMENTS - Legal fees vary from lawyer to lawyer, but expect between $600-$850 for the fee and $250 - $425 for disbursement.
  • ADJUSTMENTS - Taxes that the Seller may have already paid for the year such as annual property taxes are to be reimbursed on closing. Fuel, interest, rentals, leases (if applicable) are all adjusted on closing.
  • HOOK UPS - Power, telephone, cable, internet and propane, etc.
  • INSURANCE - You will be required to have home insurance upon closing. Rates vary depending on your insurance provider.

Ensuring what you want is done by asking the right questions. Communication with your Realtor about the specifics you are looking for and if any of those specifics change along the way. Our Realtors strive to maintain an open line of communication to ensure you have a smooth and positive experience. Never hesitate to ask us questions. We are here for you throughout the home buying process and want you to know all of your options.

Allow Mitchell Realty to help you find that perfect home. We are dedicated to building relationships that last beyond closing!

Whether you are buying or selling, Mitchell Realty is prepared to meet all of your real estate needs.

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